Gift Carnival

Free christmas gift few terms and conditions for Lucky 10 users worth Rupee 15,00,000 for 9 lucky winning users (1 Lake Each) and Bumper Prize worth rupee 6,00,000 for one super lucky user.

Offers users golden chance to win Rs 15,00,000 reward – How to get

There are few  terms and conditions of the offer –

1. The users must use the latest version of Our app which is launching soon for Registered user.

2. Each customer can only use one set of  credentials, which includes but is not limited to a Email Account, phone number to qualify for each other.

3. Each reward amount earned will be deposited in your designated Bank account.

4. You must also have a UPI-enabled bank account attached to your respective our accounts to receive the payment.

5. Company may withhold the applicable taxes imposed on your prizes.

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